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Haida Gwaii MMA (mixed martial arts)

What is MMA ?

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MMA is Mixed Martial Arts: take Submission Wrestling, mix it together with Muay Thai, add in some take downs and you have MMA.

What Is Submission Wrestling ?

The sport of submission wrestling brings together techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Freestyle Wrestling, Judo and Sambo.

Submission Wrestling is an element of a larger sport such as mixed martial arts, Pankration, shootfighting, shooto and others. It involves positions and maneuvers that would give you the upper hand in a real fight (such as passing the guard or achieving the mount position) even though striking is not allowed.

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Training in Submission Wrestling typically involves significant amounts of sparring or ‘‘rolling’’. Live training against a resisting opponent is considered invaluable in developing the skills and attributes considered essential for high-level performance in real-life situations.


What is Muay Thai?

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In Muay Thai you have multiple weapons: hands, shins, elbows, and knees. A person trained in Muay Thai has the ability to execute strikes using all of these weapons as opposed to just your fists in Western boxing and just your fists and feet used in the primarily sport-oriented forms of martial arts.

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